The faculty currently has about 95 employees including lecturers, associate professors, and professors. Besides, the faculty also has collaborators taking part in teaching and short-term researching activities as well as researchers focusing on projects and scientific studies sponsored by the government and industries.


For the purpose of teaching and studying science, the faculty of Mechanical Engineering has been equipped with a system of laboratories, workshops, libraries, supporting rooms such as computer rooms, seminar rooms.

Laboratories of all departments:

  • CAD/CAM laboratory
  • Metrology Laboratory
  • Faculty’s library
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Supporting rooms
  • Seminar rooms
  • Computer rooms
  • Computer – integrated manufacturing laboratory

Laboratories of each department:

  • Laboratory of Machine Design Department
  • Laboratory of Manufacturing Engineering Department
  • Laboratory of Material Processing Technology Department
  • Laboratory of Textile and Garment Engineering Department
  • Laboratory of Heat and Refrigeration Engineering Department
  • Laboratory of Construction Machinery and Handling Equipment Department
  • Laboratory of Mechatronics Department
  • Laboratory of Industrial Systems Engineering Department