Vision and Mission


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has not only been a strong faculty of Bach Khoa University but also one of the leading training, scientific research and technology transfer centres in Vietnam. The faculty offers:

  • Innovative programmes with high quality.
  • Interdisciplinary researches, ground-breaking technologies for multiple industries.
  • A standardized working, researching and training environment compared to other developed countries in the area.


  • To create a source of well-educated workforce for Mechanical Engineering and related areas.
  • To efficiently collaborate education with scientific research and technology transfer.
  • To play a positive part in creating knowledge and in high-tech particularly in Southern Vietnam and generally the rest of the country.


  • The competency and dedication of all the members of the faculty including lecturers, managers and students.
  • A creative and innovative environment.
  • Conscientious to the society.


  1. Diversifying operating methods of educating, scientific researching, technology transferring in order to achieve highest efficiency in training qualified workforce as well as maintain both ethical and quality standards in all the mentioned aspects above.
  2. Expanding both national and international programmes by increasing collaborative activities selectively.
  3. Considering and making progress on several key majors of the faculty as well as investing in the material facilities.
  4. Constantly improving together with maintaining and developing the management systems according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.


  1. 100% of undergraduate and postgraduate courses shall have approved detailed syllabus, textbooks and reference books
  2. 100% of subjects have standardized pass criteria and the faculty shall be publicly informed about exam essay questions with sample candidate answers.
  3. 100% of practical lessons will be provided with corresponding facilities for experimental purposes.
  4. 90% of lecturers will take part in researching as well as technology transferring activities.
  5. 40% of lecturers shall have their works published on scientific journals, magazines inside and outside Vietnam.
  6. Guide and support inexperienced staff in registering new topic once a year.
  7. Organize meetings/conferences/seminars related to the unit’s speciality and area three times a year.
  8. Set up meetings with students once a year.
  9. Establish outdoors activities and visits among students from different grades and specialities of the unit twice a year
  10. Annually award students with scholarships sponsored by alumni and firms once a year.
  11. Organize visits and internships for students twice a year.
  12. Set up meetings with firms to update their requirements for employment towards students as well as collect their feedbacks on human resources provided by Bach Khoa university generally and by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering particularly.
  13. 100% of staff working in management area will be trained in professional skills.
  14. Establish high-grade programmes for majors such as Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering.
  15. Continue implementing collaborative training programmes, such as: PFIEV Programme (Vietnamese-French Training Program of excellent Engineers), Advanced Engineer Programme.
  16. Maintain quality of verified programmes, such as: AUN-QA for Construction Machines and Handling Engineering, CTI for Mechatronics, planning AUN-QA verification for Industrial System Engineering in 2015, ABET verification for Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering in 2019-2020 term.
  17. Continue implementing CDIO project, experiment on Construction Machines and Handling Engineering, and spread out the project to different programmes within the faculty as planned publicly.
  18. Complete constructing and apply effectively Quality control system based on the ISO 9001:2008 standard to the faculty.