General Introduction – Heat and Refrigeration Engineering

The Department of Heat and Refrigeration Engineering, a unit of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, was established on January 22, 2002. The forerunners of the Department were the Research Center for Thermal equipment and Renewable energy founded in 1986 and the Department of Fluid Mechanics – Thermal Engineering established in 1975. With a long history of development, the HRE Department currently manages the undergraduate and postgraduate programs (Master and Ph.D degrees) in Thermal Engineering. Fields of expertise include: industrial boilers, heating systems, drying machines, refrigeration and air conditioning, renewable energy, energy efficiency and saving, etc. In addition, the HRE Department also focuses on studying, designing, and manufacturing the equipment in thermal engineering and participates in many scientific activities both in the country and abroad.
Educational Philosophy, Vision and Mission
To achieve the learning outcomes of the curriculum, teaching and learning approach plays a significant role. This can be only fulfilled as long as each lecturer and student at HRE Department keeps in their mind the educational philosophy that teaching and learning is for making students become individuals complete in intellectual capability, skills and personality.
– Becoming the leading center in Vietnam for training and doing research in the fields of heat, refrigeration & air conditioning, energy conservation and renewable energy;
– Keeping up with the related divisions of highly-qualified universities in Southeast and Northeast Asia.
– Training highly-qualified graduates who are expected:
+ To contribute tremendously to develop engineering fields such as heat, refrigeration & air conditioning, energy conservation and renewable energy in the country;
+ To be able to work in interdisciplinary and multicultural environments;
– Combining effectively training activities with research and technology transfer activities;
– Playing an important role in promoting related activities in Vietnam.