Project List – Heat and Refrigeration Engineering

In recent years, the HRE staffs have performed many ministry, city – provincial, and university level projects that were well evaluated.

No Project Director/Member
1. Decentralized Renewable Energy Systems for Isolated Communities (International Project cooperated with NICOP-ONRG, USA) (2015-2018). Lê Chí Hiệp (Director)

Hà Anh Tùng (Member)

2. Setting up the mathematical model of ejector refrigeration system and writing its calculation program (2017 – 2018) Lê Chí Hiệp (Director)
3. Design and fabrication of automated cleaning system for small – scale dairy farms (2016 – 2017). Hà Anh Tùng (Member)
4. Design and fabrication of a 500W Stirling engine (2015 -2017). Hà Anh Tùng (Director)
5. Studying main technical properties of compact heat exchanger used in low cooling capacity air conditioning system working with CO2 (completed in 2017). Lê Chí Hiệp (Director)
6. Energy estimation for a combined cycle of solid CO2 production and NH3-H2O absorptionchiller (completed in 2016). Nguyễn Minh Phú (Director)
7. ODA/UNESCO Project for Promotion of Energy Science Education for Sustainable Development in ASIA (completed in 2016). Lê Chí Hiệp (Director)
8. Producing solar hot water by using gravitational loop heat pipe (completed in 2015). Lê Chí Hiệp (Director)
9. Theoretical study on the interruption NH3-H2O absorption icemaker heating by agricultural byproducts (completed in 2014). Võ Kiến Quốc (Director)
10. Studying high efficiency grid connected  system working with solar panels (completed in 2014) Lê Chí Hiệp (Co-director)
11. Design and fabrication of a new type of vertical wind turbine for domestic use (completed in 2013). Hà Anh Tùng (Director)
12. Study of a new method for rapid production of block ice (completed in 2012). Hà Anh Tùng (Director)
13. Study on hydro-aerodynamics and specific criteria of some kinds of biomass in fluidized bed for energy conversion. (completed in 2011) Nguyễn Văn Tuyên (Director)