About us

TechnoStar is a leading CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software company based in Tokyo (Japan), China, South Korea, Greece and Vietnam. We are developing powerful, highly customized simulation tools over 20 years. We serve multinational engineering firms committed to operational excellence.

Position Summary

We are looking for experienced engineers graduated from Mechanical/ Aerospace/ Mechatronics/ Applied mechanics/Electrical.

Working Location


Candidates will be dispatched for long-term working in Japan after completing the essential trainings, if required.


Knowledge, experience, skills, job description

  • Engineering knowledge (mechanical engineering, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, material mechanics, electrical engineering, etc.)
  • Knowledge and experience in automotive and parts design
  • Knowledge of system engineering
  • Knowledge of MBD, MILS, and HILS
  • Skills to create MBSE (Model-based System Engineering) description models based on SysML
  • Simulation model development skills such as MATLAB/Simulink and MODELICA

From requirement definition to mechanical design, model development, and verification, a wide range of operations are carried out from upstream processes to downstream:


(Position 1) Vehicle model verification is possible. NV, Beagle Dynamics, and collision calculations

ADAMS, CARSIM, Simcenter3D, Matlab-Simulink, LS-DYNA skills

(Position 2) Calculation of parts design, strength, and fluid analysis related to body systems

Matlab-Simulink, NX Modeling, 3D-CAE, Simcenter3D Skills

(Position 3) Powertrain Design (engine, T/M, motor), calculate efficiency, and develop thermal and NV models.

Matlab-Simulink, GT-SUITE, Amesim, Simulink, dSPACE HILS, Simcenter3D skills

(Position 4) Design of safety systems (suspension, brakes) and development of vehicle dynamics models Matlab-Simulink, Amesim, CARSIM skills

(Position 5) Air conditioning, thermal management design, and thermal fluid analysis

Matlab-Simulink, Amesim, Simsenter3D skills

(Position 6) Design and develop models of electric circuits

Matlab-Simulink, Amesim, Simscape skills

(Position 7) Control development

Matlab-Simulink, dSPACE HILS skills


  • Attractive Salary Package and have opportunity to work long-term in Japan in 2023
  • Bonus two times every year
  • Review salary every year
  • Working in a good working environment, learning modern techniques
  • Participate in professional skills training programs

How to apply:

Please send CV and relevant certificates/degrees/ experience records at

Email: hoi (at) (Mr Yamato)