Intel Vietnam – Q3’2021 Engineer Hiring

(Total 6 positions, 30 headcounts)

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Deadline to upload: 30/06/2021

Please note that due to limit in resources, we will only be able to contact shortlisted candidates. Interviews will be conducted online.

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Thanks for your interest in a career with Intel Vietnam.


Examples of compensation and benefits for employees:

  • Competitive compensation & benefits package for graduates
  • 13thmonth salary, quarterly & yearly bonus
  • Stock Plan
  • Training opportunities, multinational project opportunities
  • Health insurance scheme, health care and wellness programs
  • Good infrastructure, work environment
  • Social activities…
  • Shuttle buses in HCMC, Binh Duong, Dong Nai…


Position 1: Process Equipment Engineer

Job Description 

  • The Process & Equipment Engineer is responsible for:
  • Installing, qualifying, and put into operation the equipment and

Implementing the process control systems and monitoring the process to detect signals and maintain it within control, so no safety or quality incident occur, and performance targets are met.

  • Monitor equipment and process indicators to reduce process
  • Defining maintenance procedures, training manufacturing technicians and partnering with Manufacturing to maintain the equipment with the highest Will use High Precision Maintenance methods to execute and improve preventive maintenance of the equipment. Provide basic and advance troubleshooting to manufacturing equipment including corrective and preventive maintenance.
  • Coordinating, implementing and developing equipment and process improvements in regard to safety, quality and Will use lean rules, principle and methods to determine improvement opportunities and develop solutions. Will resolve process problems by applying structured problem methodologies (Model Based Problem Solving, Lean and Statistics).
  • Module critical success indicators and collaborating with other engineering functions in Mfg. process and systems
  • Owning processing or handling equipment


  • Bachelor or a Master of Engineering/ Science degree in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Automation and/or other related
  • Additional qualifications include:
  • Familiarity with semiconductor packaging and testing technologies, process and equipment would be an added advantage
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Familiarity with statistical data analysis techniques
  • Demonstrate excellent problem-solving skills
  • Willing to travel and/or relocate to another city or country for training

This is a non-shift position. However, based on business need, you may be required to work on 12 hours shift, day or night (additional compensation & benefits included), 4 days/ week

Position 2: Quality & Reliability Engineer

Job description 

  • Developing, applying, and maintaining quality and reliability standards for processing materials into partially finished or finished
  • Evaluating the materials, process and techniques used in production to meet the requirement of products and production equipment.
  • Specifying inspection and testing mechanism, conduct quality assessment (up to and including audits) and perform statistical analysis to determine the responsibility for products and systems that do not meet required
  • Delivering standardization in product qualification, manufacturing quality systems and
  • Provide feedback to related teams and/or partner engineering group on design or method and statistical process control procedures including manufacturing systems in High volume
  • Determining reliability requirements and automated screening methodologies of components and systems to achieve company, customer, and any governmental agency reliability objectives.
  • Developing new acceleration techniques, analytical tools, and quality screens to assure the early identification of potential problems with new products, packaging, processes, and product quality/reliability. Responds to customer requests or events as they
  • Making recommendations for changes in design or formulation to improve system and/or process/product


  • Bachelor or Master of Engineering/ Science in Electronics/ Mechatronics/ Material/ Chemical/ Mechanical Master’s degree is preferrable
  • Have 0 – 3 years of relevant experience
  • Good at data mining data analysis statistical skills
  • Good stakeholder management skill and knowledgeable in structured problem-solving method
  • Good communication skills
  • Good command of English (spoken and written)

Position 3: Technical Supervisor

Job Description 

  • As a supervisor, setting priorities for the team, getting results across boundaries, ensuring an inclusive work environment, developing employees, and managing
  • Being responsible for supervising the activities of product teams or staff in a manufacturing area. Assessing personnel and material levels to determine production schedules.
  • Assigning personnel and monitors the flow of work in process through the manufacturing facili
  • Higher job levels establish operating policies and procedures, coordination of multiple functions within a manufacturing facility, establishing strategic plans to ensure production schedules are met within established quality and cost
  • Being responsible for overall safety of personnel, company assets, and the surrounding
  • Planning and scheduling daily tasks, using judgement on a variety of problems requiring deviation from standard practices. Inadequacies and erroneous decisions would cause moderate inconvenience and expense.

Qualifications & Requirements: 

  • Bachelor or a Master of Engineering in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Automation and/or other related
  • Fresh graduates or up to 2 years of relevant experience Proficient in English
  • Employee motivation skills
  • Strong Leadership qualities
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong troubleshooting and decision- making skills.

Willing to work on 12-hour shift, day, or night (additional compensation & benefits included), 4 days/ week.

Position 4: Industrial Engineer

Link to upload resume:


  • Industrial Engineers plan plants, production facilities and equipment layouts, determines the most efficient sequence of operations and workflow, and establishes methods for maximum utilization of production facilities and personnel.
  • Developing metrics to measure equipment and factory capacity and output, and to identify equipment and process flow
  • May establish or assist in establishing accident prevention measures and may plan and schedule training programs for personnel concerning all phases of production
  • Conducting studies pertaining to cost control, cost reduction, inventory control, and production record Based on these studies, develops and implements plans and programs for facility modifications and revisions to operating methods.
  • Responding to customer/client requests or events as they
  • Developing solutions to problems utilizing formal education and judgement.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering/ Industrial Management/ Supply Chain with relevant
  • Strong analytic and planning skill
  • An ability to work in a fast-changing environment and performing within a team: tolerance of ambiguity, setting expectation, driving accountability, demonstrated leadership and team oriented
  • Ability to deliver to tight deadlines and problem-solving skill
  • Have a Lean mindset to simplify and improve business process
  • Proficiency in Microsoft VBA Macro programming is an advantage

Position 5: Manufacturing Integrator 

Job Description 

  • Being responsible for defining Factory daily loading plan including key modules conversion strategies and prioritize to meet weekly/monthly/quarterly delivery schedule goal with the best Cycle Time and Utilization.
  • Doing escalation and follow-up between external key stakeholders and Shift operations if encountering any issue that potentially impacts delivery to ensure flawless
  • Leading functional working groups or participate in task force that supports the internal Factory loading plan to respond any activities impacting Product Health Indicator (PHI)/Model of Record (MOR)/capacity
  • Interfacing with local start-up team and Virtual Factory (VF) key partners to drive improvement projects that directly impact Manufacturing operations, delivery system and


  • Bachelor’s degree, technical majors, Industrial Engineering/Management is
  • Fresh graduates or up to 3 years working experience in semiconductor manufacturing environment is a
  • Be strong in both verbal and written communication skills in English and stakeholder management skills.
  • Good in influencing and be passionate in working with people and resolving issues through constructive
  • Knowledgeable in structural problem-solving method, data driven

Position 6: Manufacturing System Engineer 

Job Description

  • Driving programs/projects that will improve manufacturing
  • Coordinating improvement through the Virtual factory (VF).
  • Driving system matching prior to system
  • Conducting situational analysis to determine vision and
  • Ensuring manufacturing remain ISO compliant to meet quality objectives.
  • Driving VF station controller roadmap to automate compliance to work
  • Partnering with Engineering System to minimize cost of effectively controlled


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree with Engineering Majors (Prefer Industrial Management/ Industrial System Engineering)
  • With good working attitude and hardworking
  • Willing to learn and able to adapt in a fast-paced working environment
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Demonstrate excellent problem-solving skills

This is a non-shift position. However, based on business need, you may be required to work on 12 hours shift, day or night (additional compensation & benefits included), 4 days/ week.