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Dear Sir or Madam,

This is ChingLuh Group NIKE Division. Here please allow us to introduce a bit more of ourselves…

Who is ChingLuh?

ChingLuh Group was founded in Tainan, Taiwan in 1969 by Su ChingLuh. It has come a long way from its humble origins. Over the last 40 years it has expanded through investments in China, Vietnam and Indonesia. Today, ChingLuh employees over 75k people across Asia and is privileged to employ over 8 different nationalities that offer a variety of perspectives and ideas, which will be more and more in terms of the diversity. As one of the leading athletic shoe manufacturers in the world, it produces for well-known brands including Nike, adidas, Foot Joy, Mizuno and Reebok.

How’s the internship in ChingLuh?

To attract global talents, internship is something that we believe in is good for ChingLuh business. We have started to develop the partnership with universities in Taiwan (STUST) and United States (UO) couple years ago. We have been taking the lead in the internship program among NIKE business partners, where we got the full support and attention from NLO (NIKE Local Office), even the WHQ (NIKE Headquarter). In 2015, there were 6 interns out of 8 had been hired by ChingLuh in various departments like strategic planning, modernization, production creation center, etc…For 2016, we are going to give the offer to the 4 interns out of 7.

What’s our plan for 2017?

In 2017, we are planning to continue to expand our footprint worldwide except US and Taiwan in the field of Industrial Engineering, Electronic/ Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, IT, Material Science, Business Administration, HR, Psychology,Education, Environmental Engineering/Science, and Product Management and Operation for around 10 interns for the internship starts from mid Jun. to either early Sep. or late Dec. of 2017 based on the project scope. We are hoping to bring in fresh pair of eyes on work we don’t have the bandwidth or experience on the PROJECTS of …

² MES Prototype

² DoE (Design of experiment) for Modernization Manufacturing technology trial

² Upgrade Waste System for data accuracy

² Robust Communication Tree

² Management Training/Development Model for organization capability upgrading

² Cutting to Box Stabilization & Standardization

² Optimization & Automation to optimize current machines

² NIKE Commercialization Process and Operation Upgrade

What’s the benefit for the interns?

The interns will be given the real projects to learn about the industry of their dreams, get hands-on experience doing what they’re passionate about from ChingLuh as well as the international experience, and hopefully, walking away in the fall with a job offer. Real-world learning, mentoring, networking, training, challenge…all of these elements come together to our internship program. One of the interns from University of Oregon had ever said: “This is a life changing journey for me”. And that’s one of the biggest compliments we’ve received in this program.

How to contact us?

If the school has the intention to develop the university-industry partnership with ChingLuh in Southeast Asia of Vietnam (HCMC) and Indonesia (Jakarta), or the students – junior, senior, fresh graduate, graduate who are interested in the opportunity, please feel free to contact us at any time for more details. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  • Cortney – E:, Tel: +84723631888 ext: 6212
  • Stephanie – E:, Tel: +84723631888 ext: 8147
  • Tuy.Vu:  E: Tel: +84723631888 ext: 6234
  • Recruiting Website: 

Best regards,

ChingLuh Internship Project Team

Appendix 1 ChingLuh Internship Project List

Loc Dept Project Name Project Scope / Expectation Requested


# of ppl Dur


VN AUTO Design of



Set up a scientific, standardized process and methodology for us to set the test or experiment to come out with a reliable decision making. IE 2 5
OS Robust



1. Build up a factory-wide communication framework.

2. Set up the communication channels/format for various situations. 3. Identify skills/responses required to improve employee’s communication skill.


Biz. Admin.


2 5
OS Elevate org. capability 1. Search and study mgt T/D model.

2. Structure and propose possible mgt T/D model and curriculum.

3. Search for training resources and materials.


Biz. Admin.


1 3-5
SMP Upgrade Waste


1. Build an automatic waste data collection system for 2 pilot lines with comprehensive functions as expected.

2. Visualize the performance on waste reduction monthly through dashboard and engage employees in the waste reduction program.

3. Plan to proliferate for all departments



Engineering /


2 3-5
ITS MES prototype system develop Define MES system function and develop a prototype system to review the function. MIS 4 3-5
Indo Deployment




1. Seek for optimization machines with current scope machine.

2. How to improve automation for the factory.

EE/ME 1 3
LEAN Cutting to Box

Stabilization &


1. Baseline study & line efficiency stabilization

2. Standardize all material and information flow to shorten C2B lead time



1 3