Công ty Lectra, là công ty 100% vốn đầu tư của Pháp chuyên sản xuất và cung cấp phần mềm và máy cắt tự động cho ngành ô tô, máy bay, dệt may, da giày và đồ gỗ.

Do nhu cầu mở rộng, hiện nay công ty có nhu cầu tuyển dụng 1 em kỹ sư chuyên nghành kỹ thuật dệt may để công ty đào tạo thành “ Chuyên Viên Đào Tạo Phần Mềm Lectra” với yêu cầu như sau:

– Mới tốt nghiệp hoặc chuẩn bị tốt nghiệp Khoa Cơ Khí- Bộ Môn Kỹ Thuật Dệt May

– Tiếng Anh và chuyên môn khá

– Biết sử dụng phần mềm Lectra cơ bản ( Modaris, Diamino). Công ty sẽ đào tạo sâu hơn về các giải pháp phần mềm của Lectra.

– Siêng năng, kiên nhẫn

– Cam kết gắn bó lâu dài với công ty

Các lợi ích khi làm việc cho Lectra:

– Được đào tạo thường xuyên 1-3 lần mỗi năm ở Pháp

– Mức thu nhập khá

– Mua bảo hiểm sức khỏe, tai nạn và nhân thọ cho nhân viên và gia đình nhân viên

– Được nghỉ 14 ngày phép hàng năm

“ Vui lòng gửi CV vào địa chỉ mail :


• For forward-looking companies that breathe life into our wardrobes, car interiors, furniture and more, Lectra is committed to crafting the premium technologies that facilitate the digital transformation of their industry. Lectra’s offer empowers brands and manufacturers from design to production, providing them with the market respect and peace of mind they deserve. Supporting the fashion and apparel industry, Lectra offers PLM and CAD software, cutting room solutions and expert services to create, develop and produce garments, accessories and footwear. Founded in 1973, today Lectra has 32 subsidiaries across the globe, serving customers in over 100 countries.
With more than 1,700 employees, Lectra reported revenues of €277 million in 2017. Lectra is listed on Euronext (LSS).

• The Training Expert is a key contributor in delivering customers’ training initiatives and in supporting customers’ adoption of Lectra’s solutions. The Training Expert is also supporting the sales teams in defining specific training initiatives on Lectra solutions.


• The first responsibility of the Training Expert is to deliver customer’s training initiatives as defined (on catalogue or customised training programs). Then, he/she assesses skills acquired by trainees and provides reports with details on activities delivered and potential needs for further training initiatives.
• During the demos and trials stage of a project, the Training Expert identifies gaps in terms of knowledge and skills on Lectra’s solutions, translates those gaps in training needs and prepares training plans to propose to the customers.
• He/she contributes to the project sizing activities led by the Business Consultant and presents training proposals if needed.
• Finally, the Training Expert supports opportunity identification to upsell or cross-sell. JOB DESCRIPTION Training Expert

• Bachelor degree in Textile & Garment Engineering discipline. Master degree will be a strong plus.
• 3 years or above working experience will be a minimum, among which, 2 years as trainer for complex solutions. Experience in Fashion industry will be preferred.

• Capability to identify customer’s information needs and provide a solution in terms of training content and program.
• Strong capability to share & transfer relevant knowledge upon people needs, both in terms of technical & tactical skills.
• Industry knowledge in garment industry, in terms of strategy, business evolutions & challenges and common operational issues is a plus.
• Capability to understand and work with common Operating Systems and IT tools.
• Excellent ability to synthetize and communicate clear messages, adapted & targeted to the different audiences they address.
• Good organizational skills.
• Real team player.
• Critical thinking, reasoning, evaluating (profitability/risk), problem solving, decision making, analysing.
• Strong adaptability to various situations, cultures, technical environments.
• Strong communication and customer service skills
• Customer oriented, willing to maximize the customer satisfaction
• Dynamic and willingness to learn
• Fluency in read and write English is required.

• The position is based in Hochiminh City, Vietnam
• There will be 80% of travel to customer sites/ 20% Lectra offices
• Overseas training in France

• Total salary: negotiation depending on experience and seniority
• Transportation: company support by taxi, car when travel to customer sites
• Benefits: 13 months bonus + health & accident insurance for employee and his/her family

• 14 days annual leave